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ROFL: 'SNL'Nancy Grace & Drake's Katt Williams

ROFL: ‘SNL’Nancy Grace & Drake’s Katt Williams

ROFL: "Two Chips," I'll Drink To That

ROFL: “Two Chips,” I’ll Drink To That

Click to view on Vimeo.com:¬†http://vimeo.com/65102146   “Two Chips” / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo.   The animation definitely takes this joke up three nachos to hill-air-e-us!!! Share
ROFL: The Reply To "I QUIT" Video, "WE'RE HIRING"

ROFL: The Reply To “I QUIT” Video, “WE’RE HIRING”

Is the Response as funny as the original? Tell us what you think…     Share
ROFL: Epic "I'm Gone" Quit By Marina V. Shifrin

ROFL: Epic “I’m Gone” Quit By Marina V. Shifrin

Watch this EPIC “I Quit” video posted by One of the top 3 ways to QUIT in the 21st Century, Roll the soundtrack Ye!   Check out Marina V. Shifrin and more of her videos at, http://marinavshifrin.com/ Share
ROFL: A Long Trek

ROFL: A Long Trek

ROFL: Snowden Could Have Told You That

ROFL: Snowden Could Have Told You That

  Things that make you go hmmmm Share