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Bad City - CQFF25

Bad City – CQFF25

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Miss India America - CQFF25

Miss India America – CQFF25

This movie was delightful and Laugh Out Loud funny!!! If you have a chance to take a look at this movie, don’t pass it up. Although the movie is based on an Indian-American pageant, the embarrasing moments are universal. Post by TYTE Media. http://www.missindiaamericapictures.com/ Share
The Center - CQFF25

The Center – CQFF25

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CQFF25: "How Do Yo Cinequest?"

CQFF25: “How Do Yo Cinequest?”

In a follow up to our CQFF24 coverage of, “How Do You Cinequest”, we are inquiring again about the unique art of Cinequesting. We want to know how Cinequest Film Festival movie-goers are deciding what to see and what to pass on, and how they are organizing the information in their Cinequest Guide. Take a...
CQFF25: Songs She Wrote About People She Knows

CQFF25: Songs She Wrote About People She Knows

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows Director/Screenwriter: Kris Elgstrand What an enjoyable little bit of fun, “Songs She Wrote About People She Knows” turned out to be. Writer/director Elgstrand captured in fantasy, and with a cheeky elegance, what many of us wished we could do in reality – address those wonderfully irritating people who...
CQFF25: Dirty Beautiful

CQFF25: Dirty Beautiful

Dirty Beautiful Director/Screenwriter: Tim Bartell Take a lonesome, struggling, somewhat successful storyboard artist, have him intertwined with a peculiar gal who hopped into his car at a stoplight, mix the two into a strained and dismally dysfunctional relationship and you have a movie. Mostly. David (Ricky Mabe) is in search of elusive success as a...