Before purchasing the new iPhone 4s I scoured the internet for solutions to my touchscreen keyboard allergy, which I formed a little while ago.

Allergy Formation: There was a HTC had a sweet phone a few years back that I purchased, and promptly returned within an hour because the touchscreen keyboard drove me nuts. I’m a multi-tasker when I drive and the learning curve for mastering one-hand texting on a screen seemed daunting and impossible. We all have our limits. Not saying I text and drive in Cali Oprah, I’m just sayin’…

Back to the the iPhone 4s. The phones promise of a built in companion to help me get info into my calendar and out of my phonebook was extremely attractive, but what would I do when I needed to use the keyboard?

My dream came true when my google search resulted in locating the BoxWave Keyboard Buddy.

The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy cost, $79.95, was not enough to detour me from making the purchase. The oohs and aahs when people check out the iPhone 4s accessory are thrilling, but the fact that I don’t have to fuss with the touchscreen is PRICELESS.

I’m even able to dispense with the annoying auto correct because my spelling, which could use some en-proove-mint, is not as bad as when my fingers keep missing the u and hitting the i because I don’t have infant fingers. The iPhone does it’s best to help with accuracy but let’s be honest, qwerty keyboards rule in my opinion.

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