TYTE Media met up with the Vallejo-based emcee TurfTalk at Motif Lounge in San Jose, Calif., and talked to him about his upcoming projects.

TurfTalk came out to support up-and-coming artist and music promoter, BleeV, at the Grind Time Now event that BleeV helped organize and also participated in. TurfTalk is a proud supporter of BLeeV. “He’s a battle cat, his main objective is to take an MC and break him down,” he said about BLeeV’s ability.

But this Sick Wid It artist hasn’t just been at clubs supporting his friends and family. Turftalk has been busy lately, with new shows, videos, and album releases. “I’ve been doing a million shows,” said TurfTalk.

After almost three years without releasing a project, TurfTalk is scheduled to release two albums this year.

The first album scheduled for release is a collaboration with label partner LaRoo titled, Sick Wid It: Bloc Ops, set to release April 3.

His other album, Thug Therapy, is set for release in July. These albums will feature other Bay Area artists like J-STALIN, Philthy Rich, and Kafani, just to name a few.

Turf Talk shared his excitement to be back with new material for his fans. “I’m very excited,” laughs Turf Talk about his current projects. “I want to show everyone how dope I am!” Even after releasing two albums and being away from making music for so long, he knows people are ready for his new stuff. “Everyone’s still talking about me!”

“Do Me Right” featuring R.O.D. and “Money To Blow” featuring LaRoo and E-40 are Turftalk’s latest video releases, with more dropping soon. You can see behind-the-scenes footage of his upcoming video here (link).

TurfTalk also has a new label out, a branch of Sick Wid It Records named, Hood Boy Records. “It’s going to be something for the hot heads,” he said.

“My branch is for folks that aren’t necessarily family,” TurfTalk said. “It’s the hood boy branch, it’s going be big shit. It’s going to be something for the hot heads, all the hood niggas.”

TurfTalk is going to have a very busy year, but he’s not worried about it. Being able to release new music is something he feels the Bay needs. “I don’t see a lot of cats coming with that, so I’m in it for myself.”

When asked to give his best piece of advice for any new artists, TurfTalk said “Be original. Don’t listen to nobody tell you you can’t do it, and do your thing!”

Details of TurfTalk’s upcoming shows and music updates can be found on his Twitter @RealTurfTalk and at www.facebook.com/pages/Turf-Talk.

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