Cinequest continues to make their Film Festival experience interactive for participants. This year for Cinequest 22 everything is in your hands with the Cinequest iTunes App.

The enhanced app is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch users and allows you to personalize you Cinequest Film Festival schedule! You can search the festival films by date or by title, get information on the film, add it to your schedule, and send info about the film via email or to Facebook.

Among other things, you can also sync the app with your online Cinequest Interactive  Scheduler and call the ticketing line, if you are using the app on your iPhone.

For full details, check out the app on iTunes.

Some things to be aware of when using the app:

If you click on a film that conflicts with the time and date of a previously added film the app removes your first choice and replaces it with your latest choice.

The app currently closes unexpectedly when you click on the Event tab. Not sure if that’s a feature unique to iPhone 4S users or if Siri is just doing it to annoy me, either way it does happen. This app is version 2.0, which was updated for iOS 4.2 so without being technologically savvy, I’m thinking the app needs another update to get up to speed with the iOS 5.0 platform.

There were some additional reviews you can check out in the iTunes App Store, but I still give it a solid 4 Stars for convenience and all the cool features.

Cinequest Continues To Empower and Innovate!

Visit them online,

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